Check Out - Wkhtml2pdf or Database error(?)

When trying to order a ticket I get this error at Check Out:
"Whoops!, it looks like the server returned an error. Please try again, or contact the webmaster if the problem persists."

I am using a setup through a web hotel and I have ensured there are r/w rights on the folders (mentioned at before I installed.

I get this error which I find weird since everything else seems to be working other than the Check Out. So I also made sure that there are read/write settings on Wkhtml2pdf executables and tried again. It failed again.

All data is anonymised, e.g. is not the real address. What can the problem be? Thankful for any help.

Example log below:

[06-May-2017 12:20:33 UTC] [2017-05-06 12:20:33] production.INFO: Firing the event

[06-May-2017 12:20:33 UTC] [2017-05-06 12:20:33] production.INFO: Begin Processing Order: LQZLO65

[06-May-2017 12:20:33 UTC] [2017-05-06 12:20:33] production.INFO: Generating ticket: #LQZLO65

[06-May-2017 12:20:33 UTC] [2017-05-06 12:20:33] production.INFO: {"id":4,"account_id":1,"order_status_id":5,"created_at":"2017-05-06 12:20:33","updated_at":"2017-05-06 12:20:33","deleted_at":null,"first_name":"test","last_name":"test","email":"","ticket_pdf_path":null,"order_reference":"LQZLO65","transaction_id":null,"discount":"0.00","booking_fee":"0.00","organiser_booking_fee":"0.00","order_date":null,"notes":null,"is_deleted":0,"is_cancelled":0,"is_partially_refunded":0,"is_refunded":0,"amount":"260.00","amount_refunded":null,"event_id":2,"payment_gateway_id":null,"is_payment_received":0}

[06-May-2017 12:20:33 UTC] [2017-05-06 12:20:33] production.ERROR: ErrorException: file_get_contents(/storage/content/13/databasenumber/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /storage/content/13/databasenumber/


  • Just speculating--- what are the access rights on event_image-example.jpg, any chance you copied it there as a user different from (say) www-data? Does it have read permissions for all, or rw (it may try to create a thumbnail at some point).
    But, really, just guessing.

  • Hmm... I will check and get back to you. Question: Is it a good idea to give everything read permissions for everything for every access groups when browsing the installation via e.g. FileZilla? I think it does have already but I need to check.

  • HI zenviking , have you sort out this issue as i am facing the same , i give Permission to the uploaded event image and still i done Chmod 777 * for most of my files and no use !
    please let me know or anyone have pass by this issue and sort it out

  • Hi, by no means an expert but just trying to give the little info that I have.
    Presumably the file is there? The permissions on my user_content directory, its subdirectories and files are all 775. According to my host and this may be specific to my set up, suphp does not like 777 everywhere. Bit of a long shot but it may help.
    The file relates to the image file uploaded in the event customize area. Does it work if you opt not to go with an image? i.e. remove it using the application from the event customise area?

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