What are the available options for Mail Driver and Encryption during installation?

What are the options to enter at Mail Driver at installation? It says:
"Mail Driver
(To use PHP's mail feature enter mail in this box and leave the below fields empty)"

  • So if I leave that empty I can just enter data from my e-mail hosting provider?

And at "Encryption"

  • What to enter? "SSL"? "STARTTLS"?

Would be handy with a dropdown menu at both options also to avoid incorrect data input.


  • This is determined by laravel, the underlying php frontend, so using the search engine of choice with "laravel mail" etc is a good starting point, e.g. https://laracasts.com/discuss/channels/laravel/sending-an-email-on-laravel-5 .

    Me, I am using



    using gandi.net

    also worked but I got bitten by AWS limiting outgoing traffic on port 25 (that took me a long time to figure out)

  • Thanks @KlausGPaul. Your host solution at Gandi.net, is it web hotel or a VPS/dedicated server? Do you see it possible to use Attendize at a "web hotel"?

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