Installation Attendize on Xampp (Window Version) (Trick Install)

edited January 2018 in Support

For those who cannot install attendize on xampp, i already discover some trick how to install attendize into xampp (window version). Refer to, see first the "Requirement", all requirement need to be enable in "php.ini" (xampp app), after edit, save and restart the xampp.

After edit the php.ini, download attendize file and extract into folder htdocs. after that refer the link and go to section "Step 3", this all folder need to writable.. so simple, go that folder for example : "Storage/app/", click right and properties. then go to tab security and click edit. then click to your user pc and go to Permission for users, tick the "write" and click okay. that all.

Next after enable all requirement, go to browser and put your url (for example like me : localhost/sell_ticket/public/install)

put "....../your folder/public/install"

and create manually database in phpMyadmin xampp. Goodluck.

let me know if you cannot install it.


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