Questions before using

I run the websites for a few large conventions who are looking into this solution. As you can imagine, the actual dates of the convention (and the week before) are crucial and can make or break or entire event.

So I have a few questions before determining if I can use this:

1) What kind of instant support is available as I see none on the website?

2) Can it handle large volume?

3) Are there companies that will support it and do the install etc.

4) Any recommended hosts?


  • For instant support you would need to find a competent Laravel developer. Personally I run over $500k through Attendize each year but I appreciate that's not everyone's idea of high volume.

    You can always email for installation and ongoing support but dozens of people install the project every day so we aren't always able to help straight away.

    It will work on any host that supports PHP. Siteground is a good one for reliability.

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