1.x development status?


I'm just starting to get into the Attendize 1.x codebase to make some changes for a group I'm working with. Some of what I need to do probably falls under customization & might not be appropriate for merging back to master, but I've been fixing minor bugs & improving some things in ways that I think others might benefit from.

I'm working with the 1.x codebase since I couldn't get the develop branch as of a few days ago to work and because of the warnings about 2.x's status. I need something functional in the next month, so starting from the more stable branch seemed wise.

Would developers welcome pull requests for bug fixes against 1.x? I've forked the master branch here: https://github.com/pendor/Attendize/tree/pendor

So far "fixes" include some minor grammatical things and making the site use the APP_URL setting for user uploaded images and a few other resources.

In terms of modifications, we have a need to reserve some detailed information about the event (like exact address) until after payment is confirmed, but we also need to support offline payment. I've thus edited the app to not display the post-order message for offline payments, include that in the order email, and to send the order email after the order is marked paid. Tickets aren't attached to emails nor visible on the order status page until payment is entered either. All of that seems like it could be useful to others, but it's a pretty big departure from the current behavior.

Would there be any interest in pull requests for either the bug fixes or the offline payment changes?


  • Speaking for me, I don't see any issues on making still unpaid tickets available. There'll be always criminals around trying to get in without paying or trying to create fake tickets - even from already paid (and in your case that way accessable) ones. Hence, in the end we can only rely on the scanner at the entrance to sort out everything invalid.

    Regarding 1.x code changes: I decided to wait for a more stable 2.x release since I'm planning to use Attendize in Germany and it makes more sense to spend some time on a separate language file instead of translating all these hardcoded strings in the old code.

  • Does anyone have an idea of when 2.x is gonna be released?

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