Does this work in live production?

I am evaluating this script. Looks really good. I want to know if any developers use this in live production and it actually
sells ticket,
processes payments,
sends verification email to user with QR Code,
and scans in QR code during check-in


  • I managed to use the "alpha" stand alone, on a small test event. Worked well, but could not get QR working. That was not a problem as other QR reader apps exist, and I just uploaded the attendents list to a 3rd party.

    Problem is it seems to have stopped working for me. It won't generate pdf tickets anymore, and pops up with "whoops" error to the buyers. Every thing else ok, the payments work etc, just stuck on pdf creation.

    I've done many re install on different hosting, still the same error.

  • Got it working by ftp the original alpha release into your domain file, and then extracting there. It seems to have some sort of sensitivity to its file info. The guide refers to check permission, I did that many times, but the real solution is ftp files from your own OS file system to a server.

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