Event Surveys: required questions - error message overlapped (?) input field


i have a complete new installation on my local system (arch linux) and i start the service with "php artisian serve"

I created an event to which I added $ 0 tickets. For my terms and conditions I still need a checkbox to accept. This checkbox I created with the event survey (question type: checkbox, 1 question, required).

I would like to order a ticket as a user, everything works, except I set the checkbox for the first time. If I did not check the box, I get the error message "This question is required" and I have no possibility to set the checkbox.

Only when I delete or move the error element in the inspector, the checkbox again as usual.

Before send:
[div class="custom-checkbox"]
[input class="ticket_holder_questions.1.0.1 " id="3eca9bf5a50fad102ecdbb9a7beee6e0" name="ticket_holder_questions[1][0][1][]" type="checkbox" value="Ok"]
[label for="3eca9bf5a50fad102ecdbb9a7beee6e0"]Ok[/label]

After send:
[div class="custom-checkbox has-error"]
[input class="ticket_holder_questions.1.0.1 " id="3eca9bf5a50fad102ecdbb9a7beee6e0" name="ticket_holder_questions[1][0][1][]" type="checkbox" value="Ok"][div class="help-block error"]This question is required[/div]
[label for="3eca9bf5a50fad102ecdbb9a7beee6e0"]Ok[/label]

There seems to be a problem with the new element "[div class=" help-block error "] This question is required [/div]", which is inserted in the middle of the form. If I move it directly behind [div class=" custom-checkbox has-error "], nothing changes to the display, but the checkbox works as expected.

Unfortunately, I did not understand how the error message is generated, otherwise I would have changed it myself. I guess it is related to the embedded javascript library of https://js.stripe.com/v2/.

Has anyone of you an idea how I can move the error message within the code?

git revision of attendize: c94b8eaf8b1018eafae87a75ce6b8aa75df34268
my vendor versions: https://pastebin.com/nVWUpB9C
Testet with Firefox 53.0.3 and Chromium 58.0.3029.110
Display resolution: 1366x768

Thank you
ps: tags marked with [ ]

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