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Hello all,

In order make managing support easier all support requests will be done through this forum. This will also be where announcements etc. are made.



  • I have a problem with generating PDF tickets. When i debug i get this message: "WKHTMLTOPDF didn't return any data" and "cannot execute binary file". Anyone else have this problem?

  • are you guys ever going to respond on this new forum?

  • @JoakimEide - I believe I have the same problem. Can I get in touch somehow with you to check up on issue?
    @bs2000 - I think the forum may be for users to help each other out, not necessarily get help from core developers. :)

  • is the project still activ?

  • +1, is the project still alive and with active developing?

  • +2, any info would be gratefully received.

  • Yes, this looks like a very dead project. That means the code is now entirely up for grabs, right?

  • edited June 18

    No, that's not how any licence works mdfd. The project is very much active - head over to GitHub to see all of the latest updates.

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