Feelings that Advertising should Evoke as People not Buy items But Emotions

Even if the project was founded recently, this is no reason to hide the date.
We like to be independent: make decisions based on personal needs, disagree with the majority and express ourselves.
Starbucks writes your name on glasses, Nike offers to create a unique design of sneakers.
We are social beings redleos.com/social-media-marketing-and-management/: we want to be part of a group, collaborate with someone, empathize and follow trends.
Think about how your Affiliate business revglue.com/blog-detail/36-create-free-affiliate-websites-with-revglue could bring people together . For example, London Pret A Manger eateries donate all unsold food by evening to charity rather than leave it the next day. Visitors to institutions feel involved in a good cause.
Each person likes when others appreciate him, celebrate merit, respect and pay attention.
For example, to become a successful seller on Amazon or a driver on Uber, you first need to get user recognition - there are a lot of positive reviews. By this principle, most services work.

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